Monday, March 06, 2006

The Fourth Trimester

Little Sweet Petunia is heading into her 4th month check up in a week and I’ve been thinking about the last three months, or the Fourth Trimester. She really is a different baby from the screaming, slippery newborn she was in November. She loves playing in her crib and squeals and talks as she swings her mobile with her foot (ribbon tied to foot and mobile game). She smiles at new faces, drools, and is content for a while in her bouncy seat reaching for toys and kicking - a far cry from the baby who wouldn’t let us put her down for the first 2 months (no pun intended). She is losing her fine baby hair and has round cheeks and a rolly-poley belly. Not to mention a cute bald spot on the back of her head. (I've tried the comb-over - sadly, it doesn't work.) She is sleeping well at night, getting up a few times for a bottle or to nurse, but goes right back to sleep, giving us blocks of 4 or 5 hours to dream and relish. Of course it all seems like a blur of crying, feeding, changing, rocking and fitful sleep. And truthfully, I still feel like I’m just holding exhaustion at bay. But, amazing are the changes that occur in those first few months.

I’m rocking her in the sling right now for her mid-morning power nap wishing my head was clearer and trying to figure out what’s on tap for the day. A bath, some homework, a trip to the library, finishing up the laundry... The brain is seriously tested in these early months - it feels a bit like mush right now or as HAL would say: "I can feel my mind going, Dave."

It is snowing again outside, but isn’t as cold as it was last weekend. Luckily, JB’s old Honda was resuscitated yesterday after a near-death experience in the 10 degree below weather. I guess the gas line was frozen and gunked up according to bro-in-law, who thankfully got it running again.

Life certainly sweeps me away these days. Barely time to think, and I wish I was doing more writing, sleeping and exercising. I spent hours working on a Photoshop collage project that was due this week, which was fun but very time consuming. JB is now back on the wards, doing in-house calls on the weekends and we are counting down the months until his residency is over (4 more to go!). Jujimo got a great report card last week, lost his second pair of winter boots this year, went to a Fat Tuesday party, watched 2001 A Space Odyssey with his Grandpa and asked millions of questions about outer space and time travel - time for the Carl Sagan Cosmos series (billions and billions of stars...).

I applaud anyone who keeps a journal/blog during these dreamy days of new infanthood. It is a fleeting, intense period where the entire family gets to know this new creature. In fits and starts, the baby wakes up to the world and all the sudden there is an explosion of awareness - the coos and smiles that say "I know you and I trust you..."

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