Monday, March 27, 2006

Talking Poop on Spring Break

Baby is sleeping in the pouch on my chest, thankfully letting me sit at the rocker and type for the moment. She sleeps fitfully during the day, her head buried deep in the sling, for brief half-hour naps. It’s spring break for the university and I have a week off from classes - just me and little Pet. So instead of reading about pixel resolution, bit depth and color theory, I can get back to reading about explosive poops, drool rash and glycerin supositories.

I have found some really great books about motherhood and breast feeding which have kept me company and nourished me in the last few months. Between semesters you could find me in bed trying to breast-feed with a book in one hand. There is nothing quite like a first person account of early motherhood to help soothe the temporary insanity of those first sleep-deprived months. And luckily, there are lot and lots of good "motherhood" books, both personal accounts and social commentaries that help balance out the baby training and "expert" advice books the bookstore shelves are full of.

We have been doing our rounds of baby and mom yoga, new moms groups and lots of visiting with friends and family this week. Little Pet went to her first art exhibit (paintings by one of my art instructors), ate out with Mom, Nanna and Grammy (four generations of ladies!), and got outside again for a walk to the park with Juji and little cousin Ko. I am thankful that the weather is warming up and the baby is tolerating her car seat and stroller better these days, because it is great to be able meet a friend for coffee, take stelladog for a walk and sit and chat about poopies with other moms...

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