Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Thunderstorms

It was a dark and stormy night... No, really it was. It had been raining all night, a thunderous affair with a show of lights that made the dog whimper and the window glass shudder. By morning the drizzle had stopped and the boxy street sweeper with a little flashing yellow light was polishing the puddles.

Sunday night my Mum, a lifesaver, came by with hot Chinese food for Juji and I. We sat on the floor at the coffee table, eating Kung Pao Chicken and shuffling scrabble tiles into words.
"Is Vapo a word?" Juji asked, eyeing the triple letter score and finally settling for "vans." Little Pet sat on my lap sucking on an ice cube. The dog had to be banished to the back hall because the smell of meat was driving her to do things she normally wouldn’t do. Did I mention this is a mostly vegetarian household? If a dropped piece of raw tofu or a cherry tomato might send the dog scrambling, you can imagine what a little animal byproduct might do.

It is about nap time for Little Pet, but she is showing no signs of fatigue, just chewing on her fingers and singing and smiling at the light fixtures.

She has been falling asleep in cars, strollers and the swing lately. Just slumping over or letting her heavy head drop to one side; nodding off like my great grandma used to do. Like JB does when watching a movie, post call, or Stella, curled up in Juji’s bed, or like I am learning to do at extra long red lights, in line at the grocery store or between slides in lecture.

So, when we are not napping (they say to sleep when the baby sleeps...)we are playing. Pet loves to kick at her mobile through a ribbon tied to her ankle. She laughs and squeals at the dancing black and white faces above her. She often stares at the curtains, the ceiling fan and a picture above her changing table, her legs moving and a smile on her face. JB has gone so far as to wiggle the curtain and picture in coordination with her kicking, which she thinks is hilarious.

You too can have your very own high contrast black and white mobile - and feel like you can control the world with just a kick of the foot. Just follow the directions or wing it like I did: And this is what I am doing instead of studying...

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