Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strep and sinusitus and thank heavens for tylenol 3

With spring comes allergies and with allergies comes sinus pressure and with sinus pressure this year comes strep throat. At least it's not mumps. Even my eyeballs were hurting yesterday, but today, I'm all happy and drowsy and being careful while operating heavy machinery (does that include a Mac?). About a half hour after I took the T3 the temperature in my head dropped 20 degrees and the blinding white light dimmed and I slept so nicely for about 20 minutes until the phone rang, the dog barked and the baby woke up (there is definitely a pattern here). But at least its not mumps.

This morning I tried to borrow some of Juji's Easter candy for a little "art project" and, boy, did I see regression. I guess he thought they would be inedible after I got through with them as you know art always has to do with glue and toothpicks or something. But all I wanted to do was to take a few pictures of his gummy worms in my garden and I was going to brush the dirt off afterwards and put them back, but I had to get his approval and he had to supervise. So we all go out in the yard and put Peeps in the flowers and a chocolate Easter bunny in the grass and try to attach jelly beans to the rose thorns, but that didn't really work. Meanwhile the dog is barking at the hole she dug under the fence, Juji starts climbing the fence and jumps down and cuts his face on a sharp branch and poor Petunia reaches out for a rose vine and gets a good thorn bite on her 5 and a half month old finger. She wailed and wailed at the injustice and my T3 was just about wearing out and that hot feeling in my head came back and I thought, now why did I try to do a little art anyway?

I guess after you've been down for 24 hours, you just gotta be creative. So Juji goes to the Children's center and Little Pet is last seen crying in her stroller with Grandpapa and I go to class. With spring comes allergies, Easter candy and Tylenol with codeine. Thank goodness its not mumps...

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