Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Turn off the Brain Week

It is Tuesday and I am sitting in a computer lab on campus looking out the window at a lovely sunny May afternoon. I am finally starting to feel like a human again, after a few weeks of spring allergies, strep, sinus trouble and just plain battle fatigue.

JB finished up month 2 of 3 of the wards with 1 sometimes 2 overnights a week and we just enjoyed his one day off (Sunday) in 12 or so days. The spring semester is wrapping up in a few weeks, Jujimo has started his soccer and little league seasons and little miss Petunia is heading for her six month check up in one week. She is enthusiastically eating rice cereal, banging her hands on the table for more and grabbing the spoon to chew on. She has the snowman look these days, with arms outstretched and a big grin on her face, bundled up on the sidelines of Juji’s soccer games.

Juji has just finished up his “Turn off the TV” week and, except for a few moments of boredom and “what can I do’s,” he successfully avoided all screen time for one week. Friday night was tough, because we have a long-standing tradition of ordering pizza and watching a family movie. So after some moping and whining, Juji discovers that a day old helium balloon has the perfect loft for Stelladog to nudge in the air with her wet nose and a game is born. The dog noses the balloon up, barks until it comes down and taps it back up in the air and continues to bark. The baby screeches and laughs and Juji bops it back to Stella.

The apartment and I are very “lived in” these days as I can’t seem to find time to brush out my hair, return calls, fold the laundry and pick up the Easter grass that is spread around the carpet. There are times when I just have to turn off the non-stop multitasker in my brain and just sit with it, mess and all. Say screw the garbage by the back door, the dog poop in the yard, the dishes piling high in the sink and go take a long nap with the baby.


Anonymous said...

where is the corresponding picture, i felt robbed. your pictures are the highlight of your blog for me, thanks!

sp1ral said...

yaaaa! for napping with the baby. :)

sp1ral said...
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