Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I ‘Heart’ Libraries

My head is back in a book where it should be! JB has been off for a couple of days and I feel like my old self, back when I had long afternoons to spend in an air-conditioned library at a large table, reading. Free to come and go as I please for a cup of coffee, to surf the net, or simply to go to the bathroom without rushing. Little Pet is seven and a half months now and more than happy to hang out with dada.

I’ve been going gaga over the racks and stacks of newly released books and magazines and I’ve discovered a printmaking transfer technique that use Xerox copies, wintergreen oil and a wooden spoon, so I’ve also been hitting up the libraries for their copy machines as well. It isn’t like I haven’t taken the kids to the library lately, it is just that it has been a really quick in and out, before Little Pet starts with the screeching or the “da da da da’s,” and “haaaay’s” at the top of her lungs. Usually I would join in with her singing, but I figure the couple dozen other library patrons wouldn’t be quite as enthusiastic.

So I’m off to smell the dust and the ink of my local library, to search for images of cycle transmissions and scarlet foliage, to peruse the shiny covers of the new books and to sit in a comfy chair in front of a big glass window and read.

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