Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pets are People Too?

Juji’s fish jumped. We found the salad bowl empty one evening and after a few minutes of scratching our heads and looking suspiciously at the dog, we found it on the floor under his desk. The dog didn’t do her usual guilt admission pose, so we assumed the poor thing flipped itself out of the bowl and off the desk. Juji hasn’t decided yet on a porcelain flush burial or nice garden plot ceremony, so the fish sits on top of the refrigerator on a paper napkin getting drier and flatter.

I’ll just add that to the “to do” list:
>Read “Night” for bookclub, which happens to be tonight.
>Have funeral for fish before it turns into a bony sliver (although I’d rather just feed it to the cat that lives downstairs).
>Tell JB to stop with the fruitbats cd that he has been playing incessantly for the past month(“We were born in the 70's...”, “I’ve been trying...”, “and I want you...”).
>Catsit for downstairs neighbor (and they want me to crush up pills and put them in organic yogurt..).
And those are just the highlights...

The thing is that Juji took really nice care of the fish. Blew air into it a few times a day with a straw, crushed up flakes of food for it, and even got up out of a sound sleep to feed it one night. But such is life with pets, we outlive them and that can be sad.

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