Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stuck in Park

Little Petunia is getting another tooth. I can tell because she is cranky, clingy, drooly and unable to sleep for longer than a few hours. She writhed around in bed fussing, trying to pull herself up by her diaper and flopping from side to side until she landed on her belly, face down in a puddle of spilled milk. Then the crying began in earnest. Poor baby, poor mama, at 1 and 3 and 5am with the diapers, the bottle, the rocking, the shushing and the teething.

Juji finally crashed after 3 days of partying which included throwing paper airplanes off the 23rd floor of a downtown condo, drinking root beer at a bar at 11pm with a bunch of sloshed neurologists, and winning a new pet (a fish in a bag of blue water) from the neighborhood street festival, which now lives on his desk in my salad bowl.

JB graduated, but returns to the same hospital for a one year fellowship with the same doctors, same salary and same politics. As the chief resident said “I’ve learned a lot about academic medicine, and it ain’t pretty.” Unfortunately JB’s program has outgrown itself and changed leadership in his last year, making for some ugly battles and unexpected changes.

Painters have descended on our house with their ladders and their scraping and their paint chips. The landlord chopped down the roses and lilies so they could paint the porch spindles and my garden sits ready and unplanted, waiting for the painters to scrape the stucco off the garage wall.

This weekend, the parking brake on the car got stuck in ‘on’ and we were unable to drive it anywhere without an ear-shattering screech. We also found out that our new and lovely downstairs neighbors are moving out already in 2 weeks. So, around we go again with the teething and the waiting and the crashing and the academic medicine, and a new set of neighbors, and expensive car repairs and the strange feeling of staying put.

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