Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Little Scorpio

She’s a pistol alright. People kept warning me about the Scorpio's intense, curious, determined, and emotional character traits. And so far, they are correct. Little Scorp’s got quite the personality for an 8 and ½ month old. She doesn’t need much sleep, loves novelty and is constantly on the move.

Her newest wrinkle is an obsession with walking. Even her crawl now is more akin to a downward dog scuttle than any hands and knees business. She will pull herself up by chairs and tables, couches and beds, cruise until she runs out of real estate and then wails at the injustice of being stuck until we take her hands and help her walk. The first place she heads? Right to Juju’s room, only sidetracked momentarily to eat some dirt (pica anyone?) from a house plant, splash in the dog’s water bowl and try to pick up red pepper seeds from last night’s dinner.

She is also eating everything these days, including, but not limited to: crunchy brown leaves, dandelions, meatless soy protein disguised as salami, lime freezer pops, sand and me. Yes, she is a biter! Good heavens and I thought the newborn stage was intense!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Juju Tint

10 of Juji’s Favorite Things

1. His grandparents, all of them
2. Batteries and wires
3. Kapla blocks
4. Stelladog
5. Fruit
6. His cousin, Ko
7. Water and sand
8. Being read to
9. Computers
10. Movies and pizza

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mezzo Pet

10 things I know for sure about Lil Petunia, age 8 months

1. She is a bed hog
2. She is sweeter than pie
3. Her teeth are very sharp
4. She detests “tummy time”
5. She claps with her feet
6. She has no wrists or ankles
7. She loves the wind blowing
8. She pulls herself up by my hair
9. She doesn’t take no for an answer, especially in the middle of the night
10. She adores doggies

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

10 things I know for sure about Juji, age 9

1. He hates writing
2. He loves puns, jokes and absurdity
3. He likes the tried and true
4. He is long and lean with freckles on his face
5. He grinds his teeth at night
6. He likes to debate, argue and “split hairs”
7. He likes the smell of his dog, even when she doesn’t get a bath
8. He adores his grandparents, all of them
9. He is a fruitaholic
10. He sleeps with the radio on

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mulberry Street

Too many mulberries

The mulberries are ripening on the tree in the yard and the squirrels and birds are feeding on the dark, juicy berries. I can always tell it is mulberry season by the color of the bird poop on my windshield and by the purple stains on the sidewalk. Time to do a little eating off the tree myself.

I am still grieving over my lost garden this summer and had to vent at the painters yesterday for splattering paint on the watering can, lawn chairs and compost bin. The pile of stucco sitting in the middle of my garden, the boards that fell on my bed of strawberries and the soda and cigarette wrappers strew around the yard are really starting to really irk me. What a bunch of yahoos! JB was a painter once (back in the day when he was a teenager, before he had status and before he had a pager...), and although he may have altered his state of mind a little, these painter-dudes actually smell, talk and walk like they have had too much vodka. The downstairs neighbors identified them as Bosnian and said he spied them throwing Juji’s toy alligator back and forth over the fence, and that was between the “Maverick” smoke breaks and long lunches at our picnic table.

Thankfully, I can still enjoy the birds splashing in the bird bath, the blooming lilies and roses and the dark purple stains under my fingernails from picking and eating too many mulberries.