Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Little Scorpio

She’s a pistol alright. People kept warning me about the Scorpio's intense, curious, determined, and emotional character traits. And so far, they are correct. Little Scorp’s got quite the personality for an 8 and ½ month old. She doesn’t need much sleep, loves novelty and is constantly on the move.

Her newest wrinkle is an obsession with walking. Even her crawl now is more akin to a downward dog scuttle than any hands and knees business. She will pull herself up by chairs and tables, couches and beds, cruise until she runs out of real estate and then wails at the injustice of being stuck until we take her hands and help her walk. The first place she heads? Right to Juju’s room, only sidetracked momentarily to eat some dirt (pica anyone?) from a house plant, splash in the dog’s water bowl and try to pick up red pepper seeds from last night’s dinner.

She is also eating everything these days, including, but not limited to: crunchy brown leaves, dandelions, meatless soy protein disguised as salami, lime freezer pops, sand and me. Yes, she is a biter! Good heavens and I thought the newborn stage was intense!


Amu's domestic said...

Given Li'l Scorp's high-voltage energy, proximity to the ground, fine-motor skills and desire to pick up all things, I need to change my cleaning day to Tuesday. Now if only she'd use a bag instead of her mouth...

Li'l Oreck?

monpon said...

Lucky Amu! Lllow Oreck had quite a feast up north in the minnesotan ground cover. See you tuesday!!