Friday, July 07, 2006

Too many mulberries

The mulberries are ripening on the tree in the yard and the squirrels and birds are feeding on the dark, juicy berries. I can always tell it is mulberry season by the color of the bird poop on my windshield and by the purple stains on the sidewalk. Time to do a little eating off the tree myself.

I am still grieving over my lost garden this summer and had to vent at the painters yesterday for splattering paint on the watering can, lawn chairs and compost bin. The pile of stucco sitting in the middle of my garden, the boards that fell on my bed of strawberries and the soda and cigarette wrappers strew around the yard are really starting to really irk me. What a bunch of yahoos! JB was a painter once (back in the day when he was a teenager, before he had status and before he had a pager...), and although he may have altered his state of mind a little, these painter-dudes actually smell, talk and walk like they have had too much vodka. The downstairs neighbors identified them as Bosnian and said he spied them throwing Juji’s toy alligator back and forth over the fence, and that was between the “Maverick” smoke breaks and long lunches at our picnic table.

Thankfully, I can still enjoy the birds splashing in the bird bath, the blooming lilies and roses and the dark purple stains under my fingernails from picking and eating too many mulberries.

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Anonymous said...

Mulberries are sweet! and so is cake! how bout mulberry pie?