Wednesday, August 09, 2006

May All Your Wishes Come True

It seems as if Juji has gone and turned 10 today. And I’m not quite sure how it happened. He’s well up to my shoulder for sure and has long fuzzy legs and cute little freckles on his face - somewhere between the child and the pre- teen (I guess they are called “tweeners” these days). Where did the baby that loved to see a red coin spinning on the coffee table go? The toddler that would shake with excitement with the sight of running water? The kindergartner whose friends always chanted a big “Hi Juju” every time he came to school? The little urchin who crawled into bed with us in the middle of the night until age 6?

He’s grown into the boy who sleeps with his dog every night, with the radio on and a stack of Hardy Boys books by his bedside. The boy who plays with wires and batteries and has alarms rigged up all over the house. The almost 5th grader who plays apple ball in the back yard (hitting little green apples with a bat for Stella to chase after), who still adores his sandbox and blocks and little cars and insists on bean burritos and malts every Tuesday night at Amu and Papa’s. The one who says: “shut your piehole dingbat,” “that sucks,” and “Duh, no,” to no pleasure of mine. The boy that never likes to be rushed and who can be slow to warm up. This boy, age 10, our Juliano, our Jules, our Juju, will always be the baby, the toddler and the school aged child all wrapped up into one black bean and cheese burrito, hold the tomatoes and just a touch of hot sauce please...

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sp1ral said...

Happy Birthday Julian! It was great to meet you all.