Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Song

I drive out of the city on county roads,
hypnotized by the smooth and curving blacktop.
White lane markers contain me.
Rain and dark skies push on my windshield
and I try to view the softer clouds over the lake.

I drive through this farmland,
past horses and fields of corn,
past drying cattails and purple wild flowers,
past sloping hills in brown, green and clay
past trees, now yellow, burgundy and rust orange,
to remember.

The cool autumnal air moves me to fetch sweaters and teabags,
collect pumpkins and the perfect yellow maple leaf.
I walk past neighbors gardens
examine the seedy core of the orange zinnia
and the tough skin of the mum petal.

The squirrels have been busy shelling acorns
and little Petunia wants to eat what they have left,
along with the seeds and berries and rocks that catch her attention.
She walks now, without my help,
walks and crouches down to pick up a thin leaf
and puts it in her mouth.

I walk slowly, at Little Pet’s pace
trying to see.
She looks deeply at her world
and the moment holds her.

Today I follow her
down the sidewalk,
as she toddles
with stick in hand
towards the yellow daisies and
acorn shells.

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