Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Sun and The Moon

I am missing the sunlight these days, that darned tilting planet, the cool mornings and those rainy afternoons. Not to worry though, a lightbox, African Gold music, Coffee, mini pumpkins, leaf collecting and psychopharmacology are all easing the transition. I’ve even wondered if it couldn’t be a delayed post partum depression of sorts, since I’ve weaned. But most likely it is all of it - the changing seasons, the changing body, the changing relationship with Lil Pet and the shifting focus from home to school, which has been rather demanding of my attention lately with readings, lino prints, drawings, exhibits and now some acrylic painting. It is all good, but it is all time consuming.

As for Little Pet, when I don’t find her fishing her nuk out of the toilet, squirreling dog food pellets away in her cheek, maniacally pulling books off shelves, or trying to climb out of her high chair for the 5th time during dinner, she is happily toddling from room to room with a grin on her face, proud of her two step (until she crashes head first into a wooden door frame, table leg or chair arm). Apparently, she thinks she can outrun Stella, the herding dog, but the bruises are giving her away.

The sleep thing could use some improvement it seems. For the past few nights she has woken up screaming bloody murder at least a trio of times. JB and I often have our most dramatic interactions at 2:15, 4:25 and 5:02 a.m., and they likely include profanity, throwing things and stomping around the flat frantically looking for some useless prop like a nuk or a bottle of anti-gas voodoo, all the while ranting about who needs to step up to the plate here and help out for once, while the other sits stunned with a screaming, writhing baby who just jolted them out of a deep and peaceful slumber. Then when the light goes on and the little beast actually wakes up, she is all smiles, ready to climb over to yank on the clock cord or investigate the dark hallway until eventually she comes back, climbs and squirms around us for a while until finally settling back into “sleep.”

So for now, goodnight moon and the room and the red balloon, and goodnight house and mouse and mush and brush and freaky old lady whispering hush. Goodnight sleep deprived parents with racing, rattling brains, and goodnight dear moon, in all your full, reflecting and glowing splendor.


sp1ral said...

so - we're not the only ones stomping around the house throwing things at 3 in the morning. :)

The last paragraph is gorgeous. Moving.

lukeynoodle said...

do you know which artist did that lino print or what its called? thanks

Shana said...

Thanks for asking, the artist is Elizabeth Catlett and the print is "Sharecropper".

A brief bio can be found here: