Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy post tofurky food hangover day!

With all the festivities of autumn, I have been procrastinating on my school work. Still thinking about starting that take home exam on the history of reading and books, and still working on my map, which has turned from a printmaking project into a sewing one. I have a new appreciation for Mulberry paper, however (and rice paper in general, which is really made from the mulberry tree) as I rubbed it with oil, sprayed it with water and ink, threw it in the bathtub for a rinse, dried it with a hair dryer, abused it more with obsessive stitching and not once has shown signs of disintegration like many other papers would. It is still “in process” though, as are most things in my life.

Today, I am recovering from the thanksgiving hangover, thanks to JP’s birthday cake, Judy’s pumpkin tarts and Jessica’s organic whipped cream which was just the dessert end of the feasting. Little Pet seemed to enjoy the tart cranberries, warm carrots, nibbles of turkey, wild rice and pie, even chewing on an asparagus stalk for some time, but wasn’t so sure about those mashed potatoes everyone loves. The boys enjoyed seeing both side of the family, as one side lives six blocks from the other, and my dad joined us for both.

The house is still decorated with streamers and droopy helium balloons from little Pet’s party and she is exploring all the little goodies she got as presents. She carries around her farm animals and drops them in the little cart to push around the house. She loves the little people bus and can bang on the bongo with her maracas while rocking out to dad’s TVon the Radio and Cut Chemist. And of course, mom and dad love the hand made butterfly-sleeved vest Amu crocheted, which every toddler ought to have, and the soft down snow suit and boots from Nana and Grammy.
I am still finding odd objects in my laundry chute; things like my jury summons, a palette knife, notes on Japanese stab binding, little bells tied to a ribbon and lots and lots of bits of tape. The story goes that Juji and friend were sending notes to each other up and down the chute via helium balloons and needed weights and such for the decent. Ko, according to Juji and pal, was the one who went willy nilly with the tape and the random objects down the chute. But I know the balloon hanging at eye level with the fork taped to was and could only be the work of sir Juju and company.

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