Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Pet Turns One

Today is little Pet's first birthday. An unusually warm day that allowed us to crunch through fallen leaves, chase after stelladog in the yard and eat a little dirt and sand just for old times sake. I raked a gargantuan amount of leaves to cover my strawberries and dumped a ton into the neglected compost bin, snipped a few broccoli florets for soup this weekend and even got the diapers and sheets up on the line for some fresh sunny air.

Seems as if the midterm crush is letting up a bit and I am enjoying my time alone with my sweet little one-year old. She babbling in N's and M's and is now saying mama and nana, along with the usual dadas, Jujus and even an attempt at Stella (ella or yaya). "Is it" is about her favorite word these days. She says it when she wants to read a book, as she climbs onto the bed dragging a book behind her. She says it when she wants to know what something is, or if she wants to see something up close, pointing with her whole arm and leaning towards it.

I have rediscovered the adjustable fleece pouch and found a hip position that works well for us right now. She is happy to be up a little higher and it is preventative medicine for the fussy, clinging to the pant legs that has developed recently.

I finished up a self portrait in acrylic last week and a photo project a la Andy Goldsworthy and am now attempting to map my mind, a vague open-ended assignment that I have been experimenting with. I am thinking about mapping the state parks and trials that we camped and hiked through as kids using tracing paper, India inks, sewing, laser transfers and matte gel medium. I am having fun with this one, coming home with my hands all full of glue and paint like a good art student (or kid) should.

So happy birthday to Little Pet, one year old, one layer of life wrapped up in a tiny body and little sponge-like brain. I will remember her shock of dark hair and persistence in eating. The soft and dreamy feel of a newborn sleeping on my chest, the thick thighs and blue-brown eyes. Little Pet, now walking and ready for the world. Her birthday party is planned and I know she will love it, as she has loved being with her family and friends since her early first days.

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