Sunday, December 10, 2006

Circus Peanut

Molars and such

Lil Pet’s got a massive molar peeking through her pink gums and has spent the last few days glued to me like permanent PVA adhesive. She also peaked a 102.3 temperature yesterday, so some unknown virus has also made its way into her system. It was like she was one of those newborns again, clingy and fussy and a bad sleeper. I played nurse on Friday, taking long baths with her, letting her camp out on my chest for hours, rocking her in the rocking chair in between short stints of play when the ibuprofen was at its best. It was a long day indeed, especially since my mind was elsewhere, like on those two books I need to pull out of the artosphere by next week.

The map got done and the mid term is in the hands of the capable librarian Max, who is fond of saying things like “the magical revealing quality of the turning page” and quoting the opening pages of John Baskerville’s printing of Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is accompanied by wood block prints and wonderfully readable typography and design.

The first book I need to do is based on poem by William Carlos Williams entitled “The Pure Products of America go Crazy” written in 1923 and in still relevant in a Adbusters sort of way (you gotta love a Canadian magazine that takes the piss out of all things American). And the other, well I was thinking of following in the tradition the Hynerotomachia Poliphili, or the dream book like one of the favorite books I saw this semester “Smoke in My Dreams,” by Mark Wagner who is part of the Booklyn Artists Alliance.

Lil Pet is looking better this morning, bopping around the house and getting back to her explorations of the toilet, dog food and water dishes, miscellaneous climbing of tables, chairs and rocking horses. Juju will be back today from a trip to Chicago with a friend to see the Blue Man Group and a visit to Navy Pier and we will hopefully go out in search of the perfect Christmas tree tonight before the temperature drops back down to single digits.