Friday, January 05, 2007

In with the new

Well, the temperature never dropped - it has been as mild as March as the New Year opens. Since the final book projects were completed a few days before Christmas eve, we dove face first into the holiday craze. These last few weeks have been intense in the way only family vacations can be, with clusters of social engagements required of large extended families and long stretches of unstructured "together" time interrupted only by the flu-like symptoms that blew through the house this week. The smell of puke still lingers, somewhere, though I don’t know where...

It is amazing what an extended winter break can do to parents - JB misplaced his phone and wallet, glasses and pager numerous times, and managed to mail a handful of bills without stamps. I seem to have been scattered and absorbed into the structure of the house itself, a arm left in the washer, a leg or two attached to the vacuum cleaner, hands always busy catching things or toddlers as they fell, or came undone or spilled. Juji too was affected and was witnessed crawling around on the floor repeating "salsa, salsa, salsa" over and over again for nearly a half hour.

Silliness and lethargy came next, after the forgetfulness and the vomiting. I was guilty of defacing the school newsletter with Juju while JB chased after Lil Pet who kept finding and eating batteries, magnets and a ping-pong ball. She ran away from dada chanting "salzsa, salzsa..." When that flu-like bug invaded, we all lazed on the couch eating saltines, drinking white soda, slurping Popsicles and watching the sweetest "Charlie and Lola" video from the library. Everyone was ready for the structure of school, work and just plain routine as Juju finally returned to school today.

As for me, I’ve got a few weeks before the next semester begins and will enjoy being free of "assignments" and "due dates." I really struggled to find time to create the projects for my studio classes and realize that I only want to do one studio class per semester with the little toddler at my knee. She says "mama" so sweetly and intensely now, it is clear who belongs to who.

I am breathing a sigh of relief as January arrives and the "festivities" slow down. I plan on watching more junk tv (how I used to love Scrubs!), taking regular showers and trying not to sleep in my clothes (those old ADL’s again), eating something other than cookies and trying to air out the sick house, which now just smells like vomit and Lysol. Yuck!

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