Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Night Terrors!

Lil Pet just had one of her night terrors again and it wasn't from reading Babar before bed (The Little Elephant That Was Shot and Killed For His Ivory.) I came home from class about an hour and a half after she went to sleep, heard her crying and found her sitting up in bed, forlorn and inconsolable. Usually I can just lay her back down or put her on my chest and she will fall back asleep, but not tonight. Her whimpers turned into screams, back arching, coughing, groaning and flailing. Now I start to panic. Stomach pain? Reflux? Nightmares? Teething? Nothing I do stops her screaming. Not the turning on of the light, not the holding and the soothing, not the offering of a bottle, nothing until I go into the bright bathroom and show her the toys and the tub and her toothbrush, which she reaches out for. I put some baby toothpaste on it and she accepts. JB and I, both baffled, frustrated and concerned, lay down next to her and finally, she sleeps.

This used to happen much more often and fits descriptions of night terrors: early in the sleep cycle, during the non-REM sleep when they are transitioning between stages of sleep and apparently get stuck. They are only partially awake and non responsive to parental attempts to soothe. This is part of the reason why we have co slept with her for so long, because being woken up by crying and wild thrashing is terrifying for us as well. I guess we are supposed to ride them out, keep her safe without picking her up (which can make things worse) and make sure she gets enough sleep during the day.

On less terrifying note (I hope), I started my spring semester last week. I’m taking 3-D design with an instructor whose motto is ‘we do it right, cause we do it twice’ which sounds about right. (I am attempting to build my first 3-d object out of cardboard and my brain is resisting the idea of the possibility of any more than two dimensions). The other class, which I apparently am really going to need, is yoga. It just happened to fulfill a non-visual arts requirement and worked out well with my two fabulous babysitters (momma and papa-in-law). It is the Iyengar method, and so far I am not a huge fan of that rope wall (looks too much like a torture device), or all of those blankets, blocks and wraps used to get into really uncomfortable positions I can’t seem to get out of without a non-graceful thump to the ground, but I’ll give it a try. I’m sure it will stretch me in more ways than one.

I’ve been tinkering with the new blogger templates and thought a new look should start out the new year. Thanks to Jennifer for the ‘children’s books you’ll never see’ tip (sorry, I couldn't link everyone to "C is for Condoms, Horton Hires a Ho!, Paddington gets Tanked and The Little Engine that Couldn't Because He Was a Worthless Bum Like Your Father!), but you get the idea. Oh, and forget about Pedro, vote for Jim!

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Oh the Horror........, the Horror.