Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So I couldn’t help but get a cookie when I stopped for bread at the store today. I know sweets are on the no-no list but it is hard to go cold turkey. It reminds me of trying to quit smoking back in the day, but at least one could get cranked up on zyban, the patch or nicorette gum (or all three for that matter and don’t forget the tea) but refined sugar? One could go about with those small packets of equal or the like and rip one open when the urge hit, but really how healthy can that be? (Go stevia!) Me, I prefer my sugars refined, especially in the rounded, mounded, sweetened cookie form.

I truly have been existing entirely off cookies for the last month. It all started with Christi’s snickerdoodles, which arrived shortly after Jane’s peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kisses on top. Judy, for her part, always has pepperkakors (Swedish gingersnaps, which are to die for...) in the oven. It continued rather obscenely with Lee’s white chocolate chip cookies, Paul, Kathy and Joe’s handmade caramels (which technically aren’t cookies, but content wise...), Lauren and Lynn’s snowflake basket of frosted Christmas cookies and the like, and finally Jamer’s numerous batches of oatmeal chocolate chip delights. This doesn’t even account for the heavenly key lime pie Jen made, Katy’s flourless chocolate cake and Aunt Grace's "famous" cranberry pudding.

So, as I pushed the stroller across the half frozen, still green grass at the park today, I realized that I’d probably been on a sugar high for the entire holiday season and now perhaps I’m coming down. Not with the flu or with a cold but with the bright cold reality of January - the month after the gluttony! I thought about change and new phases and how warm it was when the wind wasn’t blowing. Little Pet and I stopped to look at the blueness of the lake and the bare tree branches and the minuscule balls of snowthat looked like Styrofoam that collected an old brown leaf. We listened to the chimes blowing in the wind and admired art mobiles in someone’s back yard and I realized how much I needed a cold, bright, clear January day.

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