Saturday, February 24, 2007

Life in 3-D

The first 3-d project is complete. There is nothing like the feeling of finishing an intense art project though - one feels as if one’s life can continue again, as if it was on pause while one tries to fit pieces of illustration board together with weldbond glue and painters tape. Three weeks of paper models, measuring and measuring again, cutting and glueing, being off those 1/16th of an inch that add up is a study in patience and frustration tolerance. That’s why I’m not laying the plans for the next Boeing or Calatrava. In fact, I’m on to learning to use electric saws, drills and sanders in the woodshop for project # 2. Watch out! And lets hope there is no more bloodletting in the sculpture studio.

Our weather luck has turned a few times in the last week and we have enjoyed 30 and 40 degree days of sunshine and melting snow. Lil Petunia and I explored the slipperyness of ice, the muckyness of mud and the wateryness of puddles. It was a melty, messy, wet walk and little Petunia continues to try to eat seed pods, dirty ice and bright green moss. I have been thinking about a quote from a book by Magda Gerber about respecting children: "To respect a child is to create a little distance so that you refrain from interfering with her experience of encountering life."

I try to remember these words as she falls on the ice, kicks her boots off in frustration and has multiple meltdowns throughout the day, which surprisingly affect me just as much the second time around. I try to think about her fears, big feelings for a small child, really. And then I let her have her hurt and frustration and thrashings about on the floor and in a few minutes they pass. Then we are on the the the constant snacking, brushing of teeth (eating the toothpaste, more like) and the emptying her bookshelf of all books, which are her latest wrinkles. And wrinkles, I don't mind!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like litl pet is giving you some wrinkles. have your husband bring some botox home from work! i thing you have struck a nice balance with letting your little pet experience some independence, but know that mom is near by to pick up the pieces (books) just as the rest of your family knows your proximity and your gentle, helpful touch.