Friday, February 09, 2007

Top ten reasons for night time crying/waking in toddlers

10. Ate too many flavor blast goldfish before bed
9. Don’t like the plastic pee-proof covering on crib mattress that crinkles every time they move
8. Saw too many episodes on PBS where Miss Lori "sings" her own songs
7. Just realized that they were not going back into the womb
6. Worried they just might have to clean up that mess they made with the yogurt/oatmeal
5. The shadow on the wall looks like someone with a diaper
4. The "soothing heartbeat" teddy bear sounds like it is in heart failure
3. Dreaming about being eaten alive by a big puffy snowsuit with ears
2. The obsessive and intrusive thought: is that a washcloth coming towards my face?
1. The number one reason for nighttime waking: the American Diabetes Association won’t let the furry, blue monster in the closet eat chocolate chip cookies with abandon anymore.

Lil Pet hasn't had a night terror episode in a week and we've been working on getting better naps, but she's still a night waker. It has become so absurd that I've begun tickling her toes and babbling in baby talk when she wakes up crying. Jb and I giggle like school kids while she fusses hoping that ignoring it will make it go away. We both think time and brain maturity will help, but until then, we will keep having our nocturnal laughing/crying/tickling/fussing/sighing/night waking fests...

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Anonymous said...

Are these your top 10 creations, very good stuff. Maybe Jim Gaffigan should consider adding you to his increadible team of writers!!! your actually funnier than I thought your were. I would like to see more Improv in person. thanks, your fans.