Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer's Here!

No, just kidding. But I do have a gorgeous new niece with that name. A beautiful, dark-haired delight of a newborn, so sweet and soft, face still in a wrinkle and brows furrowed at all the excitement that is life outside the womb. Mommy is smitten and so is Auntie Monpon. Lil Pet says "baby!" and points to the little feet sticking out of the bundle. Those two will have years of fun and exploration together being less than a year and a half apart.

As for spring, it is officially here as well. In these Midwestern parts, it is always a pleasant surprise to see families outside again: strolling, biking, walking dogs, enjoying the wonderful parks and beaches or simply sitting on their porches under the warm sun. But as the snow melts and few bold stalks of green force their way up through the ground, the wreck of fall is revealed again: mud, half decomposed leaves, garbage of flattened plastic soda bottles and caps, dog poop petrified and defrosted. And unfortunately, a wave of spring crimes that have hit our block again. Midday last week, someone broke in to the lower flat, grabbed a laptop and some valuables and beat it out through the yard and into the alley. Lil Pet and I were napping upstairs, the sound of the intruder’s banging muffled by the sleep sheep’s ocean waves.

Despite that, Lil Pet and I still enjoyed walking up and down the block, spotting cardinals and tweet- tweeting while doing the bird sign. We also slid down still-wet slides, "nacked" on pretzels at the park with big A and little N, and played trains with a friendly boy named E. at the toy store. We clanked along on the rocks at the beach with the big boys and threw the ball for Samantha who’d run into the lake, bite at the waves and bring back a soggy, sandy ball each and every time (are you reading this Stella?). We awed at the bigness of the lake and the rush of waves, the soft-yet-grainy sand and most of all the warmer spring sun we slowly tilt towards.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Summer, you have a bright future ahead of you! I am glad you are no longer as yellow as the summer sun. With the 70 degree days present at the time of your arrival in March!, I'd day you are already living up to your name.