Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Teething Project

So, here I am attempting to study the Sanskrit names of 27 yoga poses, while Lil Pet decides to grow two new canine teeth, and appropriately behave like a bad mannered puppy. She climbs over me while I draw figures bent in Trikonasana, circles me as I attempt Tree Pose while listening to a study CD in which the instructor repeats the Sanskrit names over and over and over... Lil Pet is in a developmental echolaylia stage says the "in house" Neurologist and can gibber-jabber in complete sentences, so it didn't surprise me when she attempted salamba sarvangasana. Her words are multiplying these days and she repeats/attempts to repeat any word that comes her way. Grandpa swore he heard her say Easter Bunny the other day and aside from her favorite No, No, No, she likes to say Go!, Uh Oh, Owie, Ucky, Juj, baby, kitty, monkey, and the ever popular Mama and Dada. She tried out book yesterday, repeating it over and over with a heavy accent on k. Today it is booky instead. She loves to Meow! and Choo Choo! and make a ticking sound when she sees a bike, fan or helicopter. So the teeth are still pushing through and the Pet is managing some sounds other than EH! I'm worn down by the whining and the "studying" and the attempt (see above) at a 3-d nature project. And again by the dang cold weather. But if I learned nothing else in yoga class, I hope to remember to approach these days with equanimity. Soon, of course, the semester will end, summer will arrive and the Pet will have a mouthful of teeth and a whole lot more to say!

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Anonymous said...

thats "echolalia", care for a "book-ee" a "book-ee". watch out for the teeth!