Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thats my boy!

the dandelion
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Sir Juji is officially a Jr. Art Docent! We attended his graduation last week in which he briefly but thoroughly discussed a piece by Harry Bertoia entitled "The Dandelion." Juji's piece (pictured at the art museum) is a small- scaled version of the the abstract metal sculpture. Juji, with the help of his grandpapa, researched, measured, cut, drilled, glued and painted the sculpture which is made from wooden dowels and toothpicks. Way to go kiddo for sticking with the program, especially for one who hates to have to bring any school work home with them!

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Anonymous said...

Sir Juji is a bright star that shines in our world. Keep up the art Juj. Explore your inner artist, inherited from both sides of your post-modern gene pool.