Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Birdbath

Everything is ok. The tulip petals have fallen off their stems, the iris’s are in bloom and the peonies are getting ready to pop. It is the end of may, warm finally, sunny in the high 60's, perfect for wagon rides, walks to the coffee shop and swinging at the park. It seems as if I’ve been transported into a different time and place. No longer running around from one project to the next. Everything will be alright. The pleasure of fragrant trees, the soothing warm sun, the greenness all around me, June bearing strawberry plants full and flowery in my garden. Sometimes I feel so discontented, so torn by all the tradeoffs and the yearning to have more, be more, get more done. But the daily walk in which it does not matter which way you turn or where you end up, hanging laundry in the back yard, listening to the insistent call of the cardinal outside my window; all these thing bring me back. A sigh and a relief, a slowing down, a reassurance that everything is going to be ok.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reassurance everything is going to be ok. I look forward to stopping the split personality of two works, but I still feel myself spinning, spinning and it's strange and unknown to stop. I guess I have to ride out the dizziness for a spell; lay flat on the ground and simply close my eyes. It helps to know everything is going to be ok. Rae Rae

Anonymous said...

petals falling to the ground
iris's in bloom
the peonies are going to pop
and my husband is coming home,