Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mayday, Mayday

OMG! I can’t believe a month just went by without a single blog post. Unfortunately I’m still in the thick of final projects, exams, soccer season, b-ball tryouts and eighteen month separation dramas. I am recovering from “turn off the TV” week, outdoor installation projects, a research paper, car troubles and too much wine at bookclub!

Exhaustion has really overcome me lately and I need a “kick” to get me through the rest of the semester. Thankfully, there will be no classes this summer and daycare is in sight! It is seriously time to reclaim more of my long lost life. Hopefully the super attachment issues will soon pass and we can transition into a few mornings a week at the Children’s Center. I have been very excited to have three of my pieces in exhibits in the last month and may be making editions of one of my books for an artist’s book dealer and I certainly can’t do that with a little monkey plastering me with stickers, unwinding my spools of thread and dropping “Mr. Brown can Moo” in my lap. “Work” time has been a real struggle now that the Pet is so mobile, curious and oh so in love with her mother. “Mama,” she says and looks up adoringly at me, just checking that I am still there.

We have gotten rather active as of late and have visited the monkeys in the zoo, the butterflies at the museum and the fish at the aquarium. The Pet is all of a sudden saying things like monkey, key, shoe, (s)nack, bee, on, up, in, hi, bye, doggie, meow, cracker and slew of other words. She loves a puzzle these days, playing in the sink and walking to the coffee shop with dada. Juj meanwhile is starting to care how his hair looks in the morning and is now taking showers before school just like Dad. JB will start practicing Neurology at the end of July and soon we will be looking for a place to call our own!!! Change is welcome.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the shows, you have certainly earned your time to shine! we are so proud of our "mama"!