Friday, July 06, 2007

Fire Chasers

We spent the afternoon of the Fourth in the backyard of my aunt's for a family reunion with folks from my side of the family... folks we don't often see as they hail from the pacific northwest, the windy city and simply the other side of town. Ever since my grandma M passed, these gathering have become rare and it was a pleasure to dip my toes in my own genetic pool for an afternoon. More about water later, but the Fourth flourished in fire. The kids chased fireflies late into the evening and sat on curbs watching trails of light fall from the sky in bursts and flares. We experimented with night flash photography, photographing friends and neighbors as they made their way through the streets back home for the evening We slept through the showers of roman candles and bottle rockets that continued late into the night down the street and across the alley. And I dreamt of mistaken identity and secret lives, babies and burning toast, my synapses firing wildly like an atomic blast, a crackling pinwheel, pyrotechnic explosions. And then the smell of gun powder, the rising smoke, the dust and dreams tinged green that hang in the air for hours after the burn.


Anonymous said...

a little bit of IRAQ for all of us to remember them by, thanks George. GOd Bless AMerica

Monpon said...

make coffe, not war.