Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And the rain it hammered down...

All last week storms blew in and across the Midwest leaving bulging creeeks, overflowing rivers and flooded streets. Most of the real disaster stayed to the SW of here, but we were left with many cool, dark, rainy, indoor days. Juj’s soccer camp was moved indoors halfway across town and the kid verses the parents baseball game was rained out. Petunia and I spent far too long in the car, getting Juj to camp and back and searching for things to do on the other side of town. We ended up shopping, hanging out at a coffee shop, riding the escalator at the mall (like Corduroy) and bumming around at the craft store. Not a lot of fun for a toddler who wanted nothing else but to feed the gulls that took roost on the soggy soccer fields and go to the park: "want da park, want da park, want da park..." she repeated getting more and more distressed as we drove through little neighborhoods in the rain.

Today Juj and a few friends are mucking about in the spidy man pool outside while the Pet naps after a long morning of swinging, snake cake, (chocolate cake with gummy worms), coloring and train playing. Now my tomatoes are fat and sweet, and the sun is shining brightly and hotly and I am trying to find some way to say goodbye to our summer days. We hung the laundry out to dry, went for bike rides, visited the favorite outdoor café, even hiked in the rain with friends. But I know that won't be enough.

Petunia’s transition into daycare is going well for the most part; she likes the teachers, the kids and activities, but not the goodbyes. Having been through this before, I thought it would be easier, but the Pet and I are still glued together, so it has taken a while to feel better about leaving her. The reward is upon coming back, where she says, relieved "mama come back! (I) sad, cry. (I) cry when Anna (teacher) go. Sit down. Play!" and she happily bops around the room laughing, playing and smiling. So sweet she is and so hard it is to leave at first, my heart heavy and sad and anxious... but at least this time I know it will get better, eventually and slowly.

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Anonymous said...

Check out that gothic pic, good stuff, haunting, could I get a framed copy?

Way to go mom and Pet on such a smooth transition. THe hard work paid off, thanks!