Monday, September 24, 2007

Picture September

Well if I'm obsessed with the bitter sweetness of summer ending, Jim Gaffigan (The Pale Comedian who does the Hot Pocket bit and who happens to be my friend's baby daddy...) waxes poetical about why he is glad summer is over. Here , he shares his musings on sausage legs, men who wear purple crocs and the dramas and traumas of sunscreen usage and abusage. Other than celebrating the death of the fruit fly colony in our kitchen, we are marking the last days of September by eating warm cherry tomatoes off the vine, hanging laundry to store away the fresh sunny smell, hitting the homework (who's desk is more organized?), reading lots of books, preparing for our favorite holiday, Halloween of course, getting out the sweaters and hats, spending some time on our front porch doing art, finishing projects started at the beginning of summer and just noticing the way the light slants in through the hallway window.

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Anonymous said...

Favorite holiday? You Pagans!