Thursday, October 25, 2007

Portland OR... in photos

My return from Portland sling shot me right into a "on call" week, in which JB continued his call through the weekend and into the following week. Friday at noon we will all get to let our proverbial hair down. Until then, a post in pictures of my visit with my sis. We trashed the usual siteseeing for a bunch of quirky mini trips within the city beginning with a trip to Finnegans Toy Store in which we bought masks and tortured the baby in the photo booth. Then a short stop in Reading Frenzy for the latest East Village Inky zine and a print by Nikki McClure. We also got a chance to hit the "Bins" at the Goodwill outlet store where clothes are sold by the pound and in which very good deals were had by all. A fabulous visit to the Oregon College of Art and Craft, which has a bookmaking program alongside carpentry, fibers, photography and the like. All between feedings, diapers, cups of tea, good snacks and naps too! And of course, lots of loving of the sweetest babe around, Little Miss O!

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Anonymous said...

I think I saw the episode of "the outer limits" which that first picture was taken from. or was it "the wicker man"? happy holloween all!