Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mai Mai!

Little Pet turned two recently with a feasting of enchiladas, blue moon ice cream cake and all the people who love her the most. She shined as we sung happy birthday, smiling as she scanned the circle of faces surrounding her. So my Lil Pet, you are now two, a certified little person, a toddler, with opinions all your own. My sweetheart, who now can ask me to roll over and let her climb on top of my chest for a nap. My Mai, Mai, who cackles and teases and throws herself on the ground dramatically. My Mai, who says "Maia not a baby and Maia want oat beer (root beer) and Maia don’t yike dat, and Sorry dentist (to a bendy zebra) and What da leopard print boots doin in der?" Who says "Dada must go work, and Dat my mamma, and Mamma came back yesterday" though I'd only been gone a few hours. Who said just a few days ago when the afternoon gloom had set in, "Maia need a birthday party..." with a pout and a fake cry. My Mai Mai, who qualifies and describes, wishes and wonders, who loves wooden trains, going to the zoo with grandma and grandpa, books and scribbling. Maia, who takes a distinct pleasure in knocking down her brother’s elaborate Kapla block buildings. My little sweet tooth, my little kitty, my snuggler, my sweetheart, my Mai Mai, happy birthday dear Maia! Happy birthday to you!

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Anonymous said...

Mai what a wonderful birthday it was! Who doesnt need a b-day every once in a while! Mai how lucky we are, you little monkey!