Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dear Mead Johnson,

So, apparently more fuel has been added to the baby formula debate. A study conducted by The Environmental Working Group has shown that bishphenol-A is found in trace amounts in the lining of powered and liquid formula cans and the caps on the nursette bottles. All of which I personally used in the form of very expensive Enfamil powder formula to supplement breastfeeding. I was outraged when I heard the minimizing comments from Mead Johnson. Bishphenol-A (BPA) is known to effect the developing brain and reproductive system. It has also been shown to cause multiple cancers in lab rats at very low doses. The general opinion of makers of baby formula like Mead Johnson (Enfamil) is that they "have no reason to believe that BPA is present in significant amounts in any of (their) products." Well now they do, but of course they will minimize this study. They also have no reason not to either, since they haven't done any testing themselves, or at least made it public.

"Mead Johnson is not required to test our products for presence of BPA, and we have no reason to believe that BPA is present in significant amounts..." Well if the government says it's fine to give infants even the smallest doses of toxic chemicals known to cause abnormalities and cancer, then it must be okay! Ha! Nice PR Mead Johnson. Email them at and tell them to get the BPA out of the packaging.

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a generation of Toxic Avengers in the making