Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Finals and a Happy Double Ear Infection

Holy crazy cow! Holidays always bring such excitement, overindulgence and surprises, and this year was no exception. Snow piled deep on the sides of streets, we slopped through ice and cold to my final exam... 3o drawings done in two class periods, finished up at home over the weekend. Missed book club and a holiday party to get them finished, but dang it they were done. Over that same weekend my dear daughter caught a cold, which turned into a cough, which turned into sleepless nights and inconsolable crying and finally into double ear infections. Which then led to antibiotics, which caused her to break out in hives and welts across her back, which sent us back to the doctor for a penicillin allergy label and a prescription for another antibiotic and ear drops for the pain. As the week closes, my dear is on the mend and thankfully was able to enjoy all of our Christmas magic through oodles of parties, presents and sweets.

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