Friday, December 07, 2007

Swap On!

I hosted a swap party in early December and scored some serious loot! Many thanks to the former owners of a) a set of gold painted owl salt and pepper shakers b) a pair of perfectly fitting, nicely worn-in retro jeans c) a fantastic large brim hat, and d) an illustrated guide to medicinal herbs... just to name a few. For those unfamiliar with a swap party, this is a great way to recycle unwanted items, get a few great freebies and hang out with the ladies. Each person is asked to bring between 3-5 items that they can live without and would like to put into the pot (regift). Often folks take the opportunity to clean out the closets, the atics and the bookshelves to make room for the upcoming holiday. Popular swap items are clothes, kitchen ware, jewlery, books, music, shoes, but can include just about anything. This is better than the goodwill bins people, cause you don't have to fight over that Prada bag someone got sick of. You pick cards from a deck and take your turn in that order. Snide comments and dirty looks are all part of the fun. Then whatever is left over (those 80's clothes someone has held on to for decades) goes to the goodwill. It's good fun all the way around!

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Anonymous said...

When do the husbands get involved? We did just have a good "Ice Storm". Hate to be the guy left over from the '80s!