Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008

Mai Mai has recovered in full and we tried to make up for being housebound over winter break by going to the children's museum and science museum all in one morning. She's as cheeky as ever and I had to drag her out of the heart and lung exhibit to squeeze in a nap. Juj, however, is still recovering from a whirlwind of sleepovers, parties, sledding, the return of indoor soccer and a few too many late nights. My first order of business is to dig out from under the holiday gluttony, donate the things we've outgrown, get outside more and work ahead on my next cloth book. Those are my resolutions for the next few weeks, cause that's about as far as I'm thinking ahead!

P.S. I've been profiled! But in a good way. See here, see here, for more than you ever wanted to know about Monpon and family at the lovely Wendy's blog Mother Rising. Check out all of her Mom to Mom interviews, the library of great links and what's up with her cutie pie Satch.

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