Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sayonara Saturn

I had been driving my car without a muffler for a number of weeks and finally got a free day during my “spring” break to take the dang thing in for repair. So, I was surprised to find that there was a gas leak near the engine, “your lucky it didn’t start a fire” the mechanic said, as well as an engine block crack, alignment work, and of course, that whole missing muffler problem. That is how we found ourselves test-driving used Hondas during a snowstorm on Good Friday morning, slipping and sliding, trying to locate the defrost button, lights, horn and wipers. The Honda passed the test and now becomes our 4th used Honda and our sixth used car in 10 years.
1970 VW Super Beetle, died 1996
Claim to Fame: “Fixing” the accelerator cable with a bootlace
1984 VW Golf, totalled 1997
Claim to Fame: Engine would die in rain, fog or dampness; car accident caused by reaching through steering wheel for strawberry jolly rancher, getting arm caught in wheel when trying to avoid hitting someone pulling out of parking space. Totalled, insurance money buys 89 Civic.
1989 Honda Civic (shown above), fell apart 2004
Claim to Fame: Trunk held water; home-made break lines.
1988 Honda Accord, disintegrated 2005
Claim to Fame: Wheel fell off while driving past the third district police station.
1997 Saturn, donated 2008
Claim to Fame: “Check Engine” light perpetually on, Julian’s homework lost down window and into door, smelled like wet dog and moldy cheez-its.
Staying Alive
1998 Honda Accord (Thanks Pat and Ger!)
2003 Honda Civic

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