Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tower Up

Juj is still Kapla krazy, evidenced by this towering construction built during his spring break with friends. Kapla krazy and Komputer krazy, as evidenced by his growing number of pc games (Sim society, EA sports, Fifa World Cup, Civilization, Lego Star Wars, Battle for the MiddleEarth, and all the Tycoons you can think of). His most uttered words lately are "oh my gosh mom!" and "obviously!" Add irritated tone and think in a rush and you've got our boy. Homework? What homework? Until Monday morning when he's found chasing us around the house asking us to spell the names of our great-great grandparents for his family tree project. What you don't know how to spell Engelbert, Gottlieb, Friederike or Wilhelmine??? Dude!!

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