Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beach Break

JB took the kiddos to the beach while I "unpacked" (read: unwound as I am tangled in to do lists, should have done lists and toss it, it's too late lists). They are in heaven here, having walked the nature trail down to the beach to spend a few hours in the sand, sun and water. John also got the bike trailer hooked up and Mai got her first ride this week. Juj is learning his way around the neighborhood and is constantly in motion with numerous friends just a few blocks away. The garden is full of many pleasant surprises; the poppies and peonies are in bloom, the smells of cilantro, chives and lavender mix with the cocoa shell mulch and the first ripe strawberries are appearing. Until the bedroom walls are painted, the floors finished and the boxes unpacked, the parks, trails, beaches and green spaces will sooth the senses and uplift the spirits just as Charles Whitnall and Frederick Law Olmsted would have wanted! As long as the tornadoes, flash flooding and lightning storms take it easy on us for a while...

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