Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twenty years

John and I, having first met in high school, had our 20 year reunion last weekend and this is the man that made it happen: Robert Lathan! He and a number of dedicated folks (Adrienne, Noellle, Brian, Mike, Kenn, Freddie., Larissa, Tomika, Harold, Valencia, and Louisa) organized for months to create an inclusive, fun, flashback of a reunion.

As my friend's husband said "how lucky to have a group that is genuinely happy to see each other after 20 years." And it was joyful to see the faces we saw daily for four years, all grown up with handsome spouses and children. And sad and shocking to hear who had passed away. As Harold wrote: We're not promised to make it to the 30, 40 or beyond year reunions if we are blessed to make those happen! SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...Do Not Miss This...We all go through ups and downs in life...put your past discretions....mental, physical, emotional, financial burdens on hold and come out and see your KING 1988 Family that loves you! And that sentiment was felt throughout the weekend's activities.

There is something mythic about those high school years; it was our first large social experience while our hormones and egos, interests and conflicts stewed in beer and crushes. It was hard to imagine a world beyond the daily homework assignments and getting to class on time, much less the angst of peer pressure, popularity contests and zits. We were fragile then, limited in our roles and experiences, narrow minded and often cruel. What a relief it is then to be 20 years out, to have survived and hopefully thrived in our own ways. So, here's to King General pride! So honored to have been a part of it!

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