Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Pine Forest

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Juj and I took a quick camping trip with lovely friends. Storms caused the weekend trip to be abbreviated into a one-nighter, but we packed a lot in. We drove through thunderstorms on the way to the group site but had clear skies for the evening of fire building, salad tasting, beer drinking, wienie roasting, smore making, card playing, guitar strumming, glow light throwing, skeeter slapping, and campfire karaoke. As we settled into our sleeping bags rain began to fall gently and we slept hard, waking up in our own personal, portable sauna. In the morning, we had strong coffee around the campfire, blueberry waffles with banana butter, and a long hike through the ice age trail before the drizzle began and never really let up. Short, sweet and always worth the effort to go sleep out in the forest. Some images of the trip here.

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