Friday, July 04, 2008

White balloons

I just sent out book #7, which I got the order for the week of the move. Sorry to the art gods but life just got in the way. The office/work room is not really functional yet so I found it difficult to focus, much less find my materials. Such is life during a move. I've found myself frantically searching kitchen drawers and cabinets in search of a particular wooden spoon because the rice needs stirring NOW, which would have taken me an instant to find in the old house. Same for my scissors, mat board, bindings and marking pencils. Here's hoping July brings order to the workspace!

But for now, the monpons are packing for more forest time in the northern woods.

A big congrats to Steph and Pete who were married on Tuesday here in Wisconsin. We sent up balloons with their names and wedding date that night, letting them float up into the clear evening sky. Apparently Mr. Juj put our phone number on a few of them because we got a call from a very nice woman just outside West Virginia who reported that she found one on her lawn less than 24 hours later. Our aunt Judy made the bouquet and boutonniere and a friend of the family led them in their vows. Mai Mai brought the rings to the bride and groom and the we all celebrated back at the house with guinness, food and friends. Much love to the sweet family!

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