Wednesday, August 13, 2008

25 things to do in Milwaukee with kids

AlphaMom is highlighting major cities in a series called Hotspots - 50 things to do with your kids before they grow up. The list of cities keeps growing, and so far guest bloggers have created lists for Portland (Maine), Boston, San Francisco, Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, New York, Chi Town and the Twin Cities (of which I found helpful in planning our upcoming trip to Minneapolis next week). There are undoubtedly ample activities to do with your kids in the Metro Milwaukee area and this post only scratches the surface. Next post will explore the must sees and dos in the whole of Dairyland. Feel free to add your favorites!

25 things to do in Milwaukee with kids
1) The train show at the Mitchell Park Domes
2) The baby orangutan at the Milwaukee County Zoo
3) Sail the Dennis Sullivan at Discovery World
4) Play mechanic, doctor, musician or engineer at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum
5) Ice skate at Red Arrow Park
6) Bike down to Music de Lago at Alterra on the Lake
7) See a First Stage Children's Theatre production
8) Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum (the Calatrava)
9) Be a Surpie: check out American Science and Surplus for art supplies, toys and the truly unexpected
10) Picnic and dance at the Global Union Concert in Humboldt Park
11) Spend a morning at the Milwaukee Public Museum Streets of Old Milwaukee
12) See a film at the Oriental Theater during the Milwaukee International Film Festival
13) Listen to story hour at the children's room in the downtown public library
14) Canoe the Milwaukee River; borrow one from the Urban Ecology Center
15) Eat custard and a grilled cheese at Kopps Frozen Custard
16) View the stars at the Manfred Olsen Planetarium University of Milwaukee Wisconsin
17) Eat a cream puff or two at the Wisconsin State Fair
18) Enjoy traditional family style fish fry at Lakefront Brewery
19) Visit Milwaukee's favorite independent bookseller, Schwartz Bookshops for story hour
20) Treat yourself to Italian cookies and fresh bread at Sciortino's Bakery on Brady Street
21) Check out the year-round Fondy Farmers’ Market
22) Walk, hike or bike the Oak Leaf Trail
23) See a Ko-Thi Dance Company production
24) Enjoy popcorn, (root) beer and a kids movie at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill
25) Visit America's Black Holocaust Museum


Brian said...

Great list! You've listed just about everything our guys love to do, though I'd add polka-dancing to the Lakefont listing.

Sadly, the Black Holocaust Museum has closed, at least temporarily.

some call me Wayne said...

Hopefully the Black Holocaust Museum will reopen with more community, non-profit and city/state-wide support. It is a one of a kind.

Now I can add the boys polka dancing to the images in my head along with the one of you changing them in the womens' bathroom!

mrrbrr said...

Don't Forget ComedySportz!! Cheap shows every Saturday Afternoon Especially FOR kids!