Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a little bit longer...

Back from vacation and wishing school wasn't just around the next corner with it's 8am studios, daily cold lunches for three, fall sports practices, cooler evenings and earlier sunsets. But who am I to question our swiftly tilting planet? The one that reveals an orange moon rising in a star speckled black night, or a clear view of the milky way on a warm night when one can jump off a pier, after sweating in a wood fire sauna, and stare back at Jupiter. The one that smells of pine and dirt, produces delectable tomatoes and spicy peppers. The one that brings constant change, reminding me again and again to adjust and adapt, but also to enjoy and savor.

more pictures of our trip to Minnesota here

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Brian said...

What a great picture. I'm more relaxed just looking at it.