Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back at it

Mai and I visited the ecology center this last week and played with the magnet/sand table (pushing little boats around from underneath the table with magnetism... magic!). She was able to pet a garter snake and a salamander (two fingers only), hold the ex-exoskeleton (carapace) of a turtle and watch the frogs and turtles swim around in their tanks. Outside and down the hill by the bike trial we visited the community gardens and saw delicious patches filled with tomatoes, cucs, corn, lettuce, peppers, cabbages, carrots and lots of flowering vine veggies. Maia met a little caterpillar and tried to pet its fuzzy back. We walked home and noticed a hint of crunch in the leaves under our stroller and a few spots of color (other than green) in the fallen leaves. Autumn, fall, harvest, cooling, why? why? why? she asks. The air is a cool relief; the energy buzzing around me. I walk slowly, breathing in, taking in the opening act of one of natures more flamboyant shows.

We are up early last week, walking and biking, commuting to school. Mai and I to my art classes/children's center and Juj over to a friends and then the few blocks to the middle school. We load up the panniers, the backpacks, the stroller as if we are leaving for a mini camping trip; lunches, water bottles, stuffed animals, rain gear, books, wipes and a frozen yogurt to go. So far so good for the first week, but to keep the commitment of no driving will be a challenge come the cold Wisconsin weather. But thats a long way off, isn't it?

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