Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woodland Faries and the "Nature Table"

I have always collected bits of nature, rocks and shells from the beach, pine cones, interesting driftwood and lately, roots and twisted branches. I usually place them around the house in baskets or on a shelf, but I was inspired by the Waldorf style nature tables I have been seeing in blogland lately and decided to create my own version.

Mai and I made woodland faries out of clothspins, tulle, ribbon and pipe cleaners. We gathered up our various collections of leaves, sticks and pine cones, rocks and tree blocks and made a miniature woodland. Maia's sand-paint artwork in greens and blue worked well as a pond and grass. The "nature table" continues to grow each day with the addition of nuts, seeds, dinosaurs, the very hungry caterpillar and some fisher price little people. I am now just waiting for the Thomas the tank engine to make his way into the forest. Rudolf Steiner be danged!

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