Thursday, October 23, 2008

49 degrees in the sun

I completely forgot what 49 degrees feels like, and brrrrr, when the wind is whipping off of Lake Michigan, it is chilly! What then might 12 degrees feel like? And why is it such a shock and surprise when those northern winds blow in? Like duh, of course it is going to get cold, it's Wisconsin dingbat! Sounds like something my 12 year old might say these days when he is not busy answering my questions about where his "stuff" is. He headed out a few days ago with shorts and a tee shirt and I stopped him. Where is your jacket? Its in my locker. Where is you other jacket? At Ben's. And where is you other, other jacket? I don't know. And we go on like this for a while discussing his missing keys, forgotten permission slips and soggy assignment notebook. It will take time I reassure myself. Lots and lots of time. And miss Mai Mai now crosses her arms across her chest and pouts! What is this? I don't mind the sneaky little laugh she hides behind her hand when she is up to something not so innocent, but a pout? Already? Luckily she still says things like "I like you dad because you make me laugh" and "I have young hands." And "you can go in the closet dad when we get a cat" referring to JB's allergies. And plenty of sighs and huffs and ah hems to communicate just about anything she wants to, pleasant or not so...

Lot's of autumnal pics here.

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Maryke said...

Every year I feel the same: both like the new season(s) are a new and old friend.