Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Autumn Time

I guess we have fallen into a good autumn routine round here: (blogging not included, apparently) but, pie and soup cooking, daily pepper and (green) tomato harvesting, walks to class and back, collecting progressively more colorful leaves, weekend soccer games, weekly trips to the park, the children's museum and the zoo. Lots of cloth dying, stamping with thickened fiber reactive dye, discharging with thiox and bleach, vat dyes, stenciling and lino printing on fabric.

Maia has started a collection of leaves and sticks of her own and continues to chat joyfully throughout her daily activities. "Juju, it's morningtime, the sun is in your window!" she exclaimed on a weekend morning when Juj was trying to catch up on sleep. She is missing her brother and asks when he will be home and if he is not around she says "I'm gonna sit on the couch and think about him." And Julian is as busy as ever, having a life of his own, stopping at coffee shops after school for treats and to do his homework, staying after school for science programs or to use the rec room. We parents are still trying to figure out how much time should be spent on homework, studying Spanish and tests. "Study for tests? I don't study for tests!!" he says. And he usually does pretty well, but still, dude, we all study for tests around here!

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Brian said...

Your autumn sounds homey, rustic, and calm. I long for calmness, and with two toddler boys, it may be a while.