Thursday, October 16, 2008

On our way

So fall is upon us and we crunch through leaves, look up at bare branches as if surprised, feel the chill of a cold morning and begin to turn towards home and harvest. Exciting things are on their way; pumpkin carving, apple pie, trick or treating and piles of leaves for jumping in. But there's more. The election is just weeks away and both parties will be pulling out all stops. McCain continues his unrelenting campaign to tarnish Obama's character, but to no avail, Barak is calm, steady handed and deeply realistic in his ideology. We are not angry and scared as McCain keeps saying, we are distrustful of our government and are ready to make change happen. I personally don't want to hear any more empty promises of lowering taxes while the country's infrastructure unravels. Taxes are patriotic if paid into a system that keep the public good at the forefront of its budget making. I know there is hard work ahead of us, and I don't want a bailout or a band aid. I want a realistic plan to make use of our country's manpower, knowledge and resources so that there is something to be proud of, to be patriotic about. So, we are counting down the weeks until we get our chance to be heard. Let's just hope every vote counts, this time.

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