Saturday, November 08, 2008

Spinning out of the blur

The blur that was the last few weeks is (maybe) coming into finer focus. Halloween was a manic mix of sweets, disguises and horrors. The wicked witch melted (down) at least once, and all the (adult) characters slept though the midnight movie (Donnie Darko) as usual. Candy, candy and more candy was secretly weighed and distributed between three boys. Nighttime Trick or Treating in the old neighborhood featured some new faces and new wrinkles (including a rolling, glass-clanking traveling cooler stuffed with adult treats of the liquid kind, though I had nothing to do with it :). The festivities were fantastic as usual, with hoards of greedy goblins racing around in packs, weaving through the meek first timers, glowing in the twilight, sacks full. The costume that took the uniqueness prize was Jr. Bucket Head, though we speculated that mom was the real fan.
Lately, the sewing machine has gotten more attention than than the computer. Fiber projects (aprons), appliqued tee shirts (for fun), and a quilt for Ms. Mai's birthday (which is tomorrow!) have all seen the sharp point of a sewing needle. I stole away to see a few art exhibits and am looking forward to spending some time at a few holiday craft fairs. And of course, another party to host, Mai's third birthday. So the mania continues...
Above photo by Grandpa Marc, more blur here.

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